She toured the Western Wall in Israel earlier this month before jetting off for another tour date. Jennifer Lopez returned to the Middle East on Friday as she performed 20 years worth of hits for her first ever concert in Egypt. The 50-year-old musician and actress showcased her seemingly ageless figure in multiple revealing outfits […]

Rachel Green stood out as the most fashionable among the Friends cast due to her work in the fashion industry. While she is often remembered for popularizing “The Rachel” haircut, her fashion sense was consistently impressive and noteworthy. Throughout the series of Friends, we saw Rachel’s wardrobe transform from a wedding dress to her iconic

Lionel Messi’s latest achievement includes winning a Laureus Award, further solidifying his status as a legendary athlete in the world of sports. Having received this prestigious honor, Messi is now on track to potentially claim the Best Athlete title next week, showcasing his unparalleled talent and impact in the sporting realm. Fans and supporters eagerly

In an exciting development for international humanitarian efforts, the renowned musician Shakira wowed audiences at a Press Conference as she was announced as the newest Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. This announcement has brought a wave of optimism and excitement, with the promise of making impactful changes and standing up for the well-being of children worldwide.

  She has finally made a movie that’s being warmly received by critics and fashion commentators will also be giving Jennifer Aniston full marks for her glamorous appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Life of Crime.   The 44-year-old actress looked ravishing in a blue dress which she paired with nude heels

In a quaint rural village, resided a boy named Alejandro who was determined to pursue his dreams despite his family’s financial hardships. His ultimate goal was to meet his idol, the legendary soccer player Lionel Messi, a desire that occupied his mind constantly. Alejandro had a deep admiration for Messi that knew no limits. He

Jennifer Lopez made a bright statement in a royal blue sweatsuit from Frankie’s Bikinis on Wednesday as she stepped out in New York City. The 54-year-old music artist — who wore a green outfit while out and about on Tuesday — was clad in a crew neck sweatshirt and matching sweatpants. The fashion-forward entertainer added a

Shakira’s Super Bowl half time show with Jennifer Lopez gained both admiration and criticism, but the singer has now turned to YouTube to give fans a dance tutorial. She posted a step-by-step guide for the Champeta dance routine she performed with a group of backup dancers. Alongside her was 18-year-old choreographer Liz Dany Campo Diaz

Jennifer Lopez made a fabulous appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on January 4, 2016, delighting fans with her charisma, talent, and sheer star quality. A true legend in the entertainment world, Lopez is celebrated for her many talents as a singer, actress, dancer, and producer. Her appearance on the popular talk show was a special

    Glamour’s website offers a curated selection of items that are hand-picked by their team. If you choose to purchase something through their retail links, they may earn a commission. Jennifer Aniston is a style icon, particularly when it comes to hairstyles. She made a lasting impact with her iconic Rachel haircut, which has

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